The Faculty of Education, Federal University, Dutsin-ma Welcome you. The Faculty was carved out of from the former faculty of Science and Education in 2015/2016 academic year. The faculty presently has two departments Department of Science Education.


The Vision of the Faculty of the Faculty of Education is to be the faculty of choice on the African continent for:

*        Students and alumni who value a comprehensive and life enriching science education,

*        Faculty and staff members pursing excellence and innovation in teaching, service and research in a diverse environment.

*        Individuals and organizations seeking partnerships with the universities scientific and technological community.


It is the mission of Faculty of Education to create, disseminate and apply scientific knowledge to problem solving. We innovate and excel in teaching and research in order to advance the goals of the university and the development of the society.


The Faculty is aware of the challenges and advancement in technology as it affects human race and the entire environment now and in the future. Based on this premise, the Faculty will rigorously pursue the following aims and objectives:

*        restructure and diversity its programmes and course offering, thus developing and maintaining rigorous professional preparation in pedagogical skills necessary for effective individuals of all ages in a civil society.

*        Emphasis teaching/learning and development from infancy through adulthood, informal and non-formal settings across diverse and increasingly global society.

*        Intensify its interdisciplinary research, teaching and outreach programmes with a wide field of focus i.e from childhood to youth development to adult education.

*        Try to be as a leader in school reform efforts and higher education policy issues.

*        Play part as a full partner in community problem solving.

*        prepare professional educators and service providers who are sensitive to and effective in working with individuals of all ages with divers cultures, languages, learning styles, services.

*        Utilize technology effectively to improve education and community services.

*        Prepare socially committed educational leaders and advocates.

Prof. Benjamin A.  Ladani

B.Sc. (Nsukka), M.A. (Ontario), Ph.D. (ABU).

Dean, Faculty of Education.

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