Welcome to the official website of the Department of Languages and Linguistics, Federal University Dutsinma. Katsina State.

At present, the department runs only one programme that leads to the award of a B.A (Hons) Degree in English.


To be a top ranking department, committed to excellence in research and the production of a generation of graduates who are highly proficient in English.


To impart knowledge to transform humanity and deploy the knowledge for growth and development in every facet of the society.


Our basic philosophy is geared towards significantly improving the proficiency of our graduates in English Language. This programme therefore gives greater attention to the achievement of improved knowledge of English and the acquisition of adequate oral and written skills in it. Graduates from the department should be clearly and positively identified with adequate proficiency in pronunciation, articulateness in speech, correctness of grammar and usage, elegance and style in diction, the choice of an appropriate variety of English for use in the various administrative and professional job opportunities available in the labour market, in literary and creative writing domains, and in postgraduate studies in language and literature.


The objectives are as follows:

  1. To train students to acquire adequate communicative competence in both the spoken and written varieties of the English language, thereby giving them a good grounding and effective mastery of the Language in its various applications to achieve adequate self-expression and self-actualisation.
  2. To equip the students with the knowledge of the forms and features of the varieties of English used in different professional domains such as business communication, legal communication, electronic broadcast media, print journalism, advertising and sports commentaries, book publishing, and biography writing.
  3. To equip the students with adequate linguistic knowledge of the English Language through a detailed study of its sound system, its lexicon, its syntax, semantics and usage.
  4. To adequately prepare the students to pursue postgraduate studies in English Language, Literature and Linguistics, and to take up teaching and research at the appropriate level of education.
  5. To orient students towards self-employment by a focus on skills such as writing (e.g. of articles in magazines, of speeches; designing and presenting special programs on radio or TV, designing and publishing magazines etc.), creative writing, and other kinds of original output through independent thought, inventiveness and creativity.
  6. To enable students to overcome deficiencies in their English.
  7. To produce graduates with an informed literary sensibility and necessary tools to respond adequately and appropriately to literary challenges.

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