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1 Adebayo Quadri 2001 Physico Chemical difference in Mango Seed kernel Harvested from different locations in South- Western Nigeria Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso unpublished PHYSICO-CHAMICAL DIFFERENCE IN MANGO SEED KERNEL HARVESTED FROM DIFFERENT LOCATION IN SOUTH-WESTERN NIGERIA ABSTRACT Mango seed kernel collected from four different location in South Western Nigeria were analysed for Proximate content Viz Protein, Crude fat, Ash, Carbohydrate (total and components) as well as antinutritional components. Each class of lipid was analysed for fatty acid composition. The samples contained between 8.07±0.40% and 11.60±0.32% total lipids of which the saturated/ unsaturated fatty acid ratio was almost 1:1. Level of Omega 2 and Omega 3 fatty acid content in all samples ranged between 4.29±0.21 and 6.69±0.33 and 0.41±0.01 and 1.10±0.06. This compared well with standard values. Major fatty acid of all the samples were palmitic 16:0, stearic 18:0, Oleic 18:1 and Linoleic 18:2. Total lipid content showed significant positive correlations with values of physical parameters viz iodine value, perxude value, saponificaiton number and free fatty acid content. Protein content varied between 5.89+0.29 to 6.20+0.31g/100g with ash content (%) varying between 1.92+0.10 and 3.10+0.16. Values (%) obtained (by difference) for carbohydrate also ranged between 72.30 + 2.17 and 75.+ 0.26. Amount determined for tannins, range from 55.42 + 1.66 to 58.20 + 1.75 g/kg cyanogenic 23.46 + 0.70 to 34.26 + 1.30 mg HCN kg-1 glucosides and phytate 14.25 + 0.43 to 25.75 + 0.77 mg phytate g-1 correspond with literature values. Though values were not determined for trypsin inhibitory activity the overall result obtained nevertheless demonstrated the potentials of the fruits harvested from the various location as in industrial raw materials.